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August 30 2013


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Online letter writing service

Learning foreign languages ​​by writing letters , essays and diaries (theory Schliemann )

Heinrich Schliemann was known not only for his achievements and discoveries in the field of history and archeology, but the phenomenal abilities polyglot . In particular , it is literally in the three years he was able to successfully master , as a result of self-study, Dutch, English , French, Italian and Portuguese. Among the major secrets so successful mastery various foreign languages, Schliemann called his hard work on writing diaries , essays and letters in the target language .

The application of this method is feasible only when the basic knowledge in the field of study , as This method is based on the manifestation of creative thinking student. Simply put , writing diaries or essays must be accompanied by ease of presentation, and imaginative flights of fancy , ie content of the resulting text was not critical, and , after writing , corrected

With all the freedom of presentation, it was as close as possible to their knowledge to everyday rules of a language , moving away from the classic conservative norms and identifying gaps in knowledge of grammar and vocabulary .

The hardest part , according to Schliemann , a letter-writing in the target language , because , according to the scientist, in a letter , especially if it is sent to a friend or a good friend , it is necessary to express reverence and respect , and the presence in the text of grammatical and stylistic errors , except disturbance of other emotions can not cause as anyone uncomfortable mangling his native language. Therefore, the writing of letters should proceed to the final stage of learning a foreign language.

Heinrich Schliemann - a unique personality. He was able to simultaneously five journals in five different languages ​​, with all his characteristic thoroughness and accuracy recording everything , more or less important events of his life, with accompanying commentary records . In addition, Schliemann had a very interesting habit during his numerous travels to write diaries exclusively the language of the country in which it was in the moment
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